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Need for speed pro street скачать nfs.exe

Описание: Need for speed pro street скачать nfs.exe
Имя файла: need-for-speed-pro-street-nfs-exe

When you try to run Need for Speed Pro Street game in Windows 8 it doesn’t run and you get the following error or one similar to it.

“Not compatible with the installed operating system”

This game is not compatible with Windows 8, and that’s why you are unable to run it in Windows 8 environment through the standard method.

Windows 8 is not compatible with many programs that were written for Windows 7 or previous Windows versions. However, most of these incompatible programs can still be run in Windows 8. This holds true for Need for Speed Pro Street game as well. To do this, you must install the game in Compatibility mode.

Perform the following steps to install Need for Speed Pro game in Windows 7 compatibility mode in Windows 8 environment.

  • Open your web browser, and navigate to the official website of the game’s manufacturer’s website
  • Locate and download the game and save it on the desktop
  • Press Windows + W on your keyboard
  • In the Start Search box, type compatibility and press Enter
  • From the list of options displayed in left, select “Run programs/applications made for previous Windows versions”
  • Select Need for Speed Pro game, and then install it

You can also change the compatibility settings through the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. Perform these steps to run this application:

  • Open the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter window (If you use a mouse, point to the right corner at the top of the screen and then move the pointer down and click Search. Next, in the Start Search box, type program compatibility).
  • Click Settings
  • Click Run programs made for previous Windows versions

You can run most programs that were written for older versions of Windows in Windows 8 this way.

Windows 8 is much faster and more stable than previous versions of Windows. But its safety is in your own hands. We recommend you to download and install an advanced, robust, and light antivirus tool. Additionally, you must regularly download new updates for this program—you can automate this process if you want—and schedule regular virus scans. Further, every once in a while you should run a boot scan. Remember, boot scan usually takes an hour or more, so it is best you run it at night. Additionally, if you use a laptop, ensure that it has enough battery power to last the duration of boot scan or plug-in and then run the boot scan.


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